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We offer customized WordPress training for private groups, individuals and students.  All classes utilize a screen sharing program.  The beginner’s class is up to 2 hours long depending on the student and environment.   Contact Us For Pricing Today!

Training Overview

In this WordPress training class, you will start with the basics of setting up WordPress and learn how to create and maintain a successful WordPress site.

Class Goals

  • Learn to plan and prepare your site for WordPress.
  • Learn to write, tag, and publish a post.
  • Learn about working with the text editor.
  • Learn how to style paragraphs and create lists.
  • Learn to work with media files.
  • Learn to link, align, and size an image.
  • Learn to work with image galleries.
  • Learn to add video and audio.
  • Learn to name, schedule, and manage posts.
  • Learn to make your site stand out.
  • Learn to help others connect to your site.
  • Learn about attracting search engines.
  • Learn how to optimize your site.
  • Learn about backing up your site.
  • Learn how to install and activate plugins.

Class Outline

  1. Before You Start
    1. Thinking Like WordPress
    2. Planning Your Site for WordPress
  2. Firing Up WordPress
    1. Installing WordPress
    2. Admin Area Overview
    3. Basic Admin Settings
  3. Working with Written Content
    1. Adding a New Post – Overview
    2. Working with the Text Editor
    3. Laying Out Text
    4. Advanced Post Options
    5. Adding a New Page
  4. Part IV: Working with Media Content
    1. The Basics of Handling Media Files
    2. CThe Upload/Insert Window Tabs
    3. Image Options in Detail
    4. Editing and Laying Out Images
    5. Working with Image Galleries
    6. Adding Video and Audio
    7. Adding Documents
  5. Managing Your Content
    1. Managing Posts and Pages
    2. Managing Media Files
    3. Managing Post Categories and Tags
    4. Managing Widgets
  6. Making Your Site Social
    1. Linking to Other Sites
    2. Managing Comments
    3. Connecting to Content on Other Sites
    4. Helping Others Connect to Your Site
    5. Having Multiple Site Users
  7. Customizing the Look of Your Site
    1. Customizing Your Header Content
    2. Customizing the Look of Posts
    3. Customizing Design and Layout
  8. Becoming Search Engine Friendly
    1. Optimizing Your Content
    2. Optimizing Your Site as a Whole
  9. Housekeeping Chores
    1. How Is Your Site Doing?
    2. Keeping Up to Date
    3. Backing Up Your Site
  10. Extending WordPress
    1. Installing and Activating Plugins
    2. Example Plugins

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